MotivIQ empowered by BEU

MotivIQ was created by BEU which was founded not as a business, but as a revolutionary mission to TRANSFORM LIVES.

Innovative, disruptive, growing companies partner with BEU to elevate their organization, and attract, engage, and retain top talent.


MotivIQ is a unique technology platform utilizing surveys, dashboards, and empowering action plans scientifically linked to 14 factors driving employee motivation, engagement, and retention.

The platform can be used proactively in the recruiting process to reveal best-fit candidates for the role or for development of current staff.


The MotivIQ Survey is a forced ranking tool that provides a pulse on key drivers for motivation which can be used to create action plans individually and across organizations to increase engagement and retention.


We provide measurable results that can be used to track trending in employee engagement over time to assist in managing turnover and create strong performers across the organization.

Action Plans

One of our differentiators is our unique empowerment component. You’ll receive individualized and departmental results. Customizable action plans and support throughout the subscription period are also available to encourage transformation.
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Three Pillars

BEU supports the recruitment function to align your investment strategies and protect brand recognition through your people.

Use our MotivIQ Platform during the hiring process to determine candidates fit against the company’s top engagement offerings. You’ll know in advance what will motivate your new hire for peak performance and protect your culture.

Need people? Our strategic partners can assist with your search.

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Our BEU Coaches will work with you to establish an engagement vision and plan to create a highly engaged, thriving, and productive workforce. We can offer insights into the company culture, purposeful connection to the mission, and programs to ignite.

BEU guides the training and development function to empower leaders to drive employee’s motivating factors with MotivIQ which increases engagement.

Click above to explore the other Pillars of Human Capital that we serve: Attract, Engage, Retain, and the programs that support them.


Employees that are energized and motivated are more likely to have a higher sense of fulfillment and are at a lower risk for turnover. We help companies increase their bottom line by retaining top talent.

We use the MotivIQ Platform to help companies understand the motivating factors that are directly linked to retention. We then create action plans and offer coaching and workshops to encourage results.

Click above to explore the other Pillars of Human Capital that we serve: Attract, Retain, Engage, and the programs that support them.

Competitive Edge

With the changing workforce, employers are quickly realizing that attracting and retaining top talent drives an organization’s competitive edge.

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